GDPR 25th May 2018

New European data protection laws being introduced from 25th May are designed to protect your privacy and personal data. Part of the new law requires us to give you more control and transparency over what information I keep about you, how I hold and use this information in my records and provide you with more privacy protection.


As I am only a very small company, Caravan & Trailer Services need only to keep the bare minimum and essential details needed to -  perform my business smoothly  -  to contact customers and suppliers accordingly  -  and for statutory accounting and invoicing purposes.

I do not pass any customer or company details to any third party.  The only exception to this rule is for the purpose of Warranty Requests -  Parts Identification and sourcing  -  or for posting of parts to customers and companies via parcel couriers.


Caravan & Trailer Services Stress that only basic information is held and I do not hold or require any sensitive or other personal information.


All my records and information have been gained through my correspondence and contact with Customers and Companies and are held in an electronic database and /or manual paperwork and is reviewed regularly by me to remove any unwanted or obsolete data that is no longer required by either permanent destruction – electronic deletion and / or shredding.  As a self employed person I am the only person using and accessing this data and no other parties have access to any data held in the database.

However,  please be advised that statutory UK accounting laws and constraints apply to the holding of some data requiring me to archive some documents and information. Examples of this would be invoices and payment details relating to the trading practices of my business.

Details held in my database are as follows,


Customer Name or Company Trading and Contact Name.

Customer Address and Phone number/s or Company Trading and Contact address and Phone Number/s

Customer Vehicle or Caravan details.

Customer or Company Invoicing and Billing details including Banking Details.

Customer Emails / Company E-mails

All E-mails are sent and received through Microsoft’s Outlook E-mail services and are subject to’s own Terms and conditions of use.

All E-mails are kept for 1 year for reference only should a query -  problem or Warranty issue arise relating to statutory UK consumer rights and laws and is then deleted after that year has expired by permanent deletion.


GDPR states that you also have the right to ask me to provide you with all the information I hold about you or your company and if required remove all your details and information from my database.

You can do this by requesting a Subject Access Request and I will respond within 30 days by sending you all the details regarding the information I hold about you, what happens to that data and how it is used.

Caravan & Trailer Services request that you can do this by either E-mail - Post or by using this web sites GDPR contact form so that an accurate and dated record can be kept of all such requests.


I would like to take the opportunity to advise that keeping access to basic records allows me to continue the smooth running and operation of the business and that opting to remove all details may have an impact on business transactions - how I can communicate in the future and how I can offer future services. However this does not mean the cessation of any future services being offered or transactions being made.


You now have the option to either allow or not to allow me to hold and use the data I have about you and Caravan & Trailer Services requests that you take time to consider all the implications of the new GDPR data laws and advise me accordingly if you are happy for me to continue to hold your basic details or if you prefer for me to delete all the data I hold about you.

I request that you do this by either contacting me by  E-mail, or Post or by accessing the GDPR contact form on This web site so that accurate and dated records of requests can be kept.


You can gain further information by going to the

Government Information Commissioners Office web site

Or the

EU GDPR web site.